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Welcome to Grace International Haiti!

We thank you for considering becoming a volunteer and partnering with Grace International.  We know that Grace International Haiti is not your only option when choosing where to serve on a short term work/mission trip, so we thank you for opting to help continue our four decades of excellent service in Haiti.

Please know that you are making an eternal difference in the people's lives that you will meet and minister to in Haiti.  Expect a great reward and a closer relationship with the Lord, knowing "'that which you have done for the least of these my brethren, you have done unto the Lord" as it says in the Bible (Matthew 25:40).  

With love, prayer and gratitude,

Dr. Joel R Jeune   



Each team member intending to visit needs to sign up on our web site (Click on "Get Involved") and fill out the information required on the form. Please include the name of your school, company, ministry, church and pastor (or supervisor/sponsor), and the date you are planning to come to Haiti. In addition, your pastor's or supervisor's recommendation is required (this is applicable for first-time guests only).  The reason for this is that we want to make sure to provide the best experience possible for our guests as well as those whom we serve, and just like in any other work that is worth doing, recommendations help us put together teams and projects that are highly effective.

For people providing highly specialized services, such as medical personnel and engineers, a copy of each one's professional license is also required.

Please read the volunteer policies and sign the waiver form.


FAQs (also available on our website:



1. Does Grace International handle the flight reservations?

 Guests are responsible for making their own travel arrangements, unless they use the following option:

Grace International is a Business Extra Member with American Airlines (AA) - our # is  831209 . We appreciate if our partners that fly AA will use this #, or share their ticket number with us. This will not hinder a person to continue receiving their own advantage miles; but it gives Grace International points and advantages. Thank you for using our business extra #; this as another way to help Grace International!


For more information on benefits of this Grace/AA option, please contact our office at 305-231-1117 or email us at


2. Is there a certain time at which our teams need to arrive?

Any time is fine from Monday to Saturday. Reservations should be booked to arrive in the Haiti airport as early as possible; travel at night is highly inconvenient and sometimes unsafe.

Sunday arrivals are not encouraged; Grace International has many church activities on Sunday and transportation is usually a big challenge and we do not have drivers available. If Sunday becomes the only option, please try to take the latest flight for afternoon arrivals, or plan to rent a van with a driver (which we can coordinate for you).


Airport pick-up & Ground Transportation


3. How will we get to/from the airport and where we're staying?

Grace International transportation (van or truck).


4. Will someone meet us at the airport?

Grace International's Guest coordinator will meet the team at the airport. Look for a Grace welcome sign or T-shirt.  The driver might not be allowed to get inside the customs area at the airport to meet the team, and so he/she will meet you at the exit door after going through customs. 

We encourage visiting team members to order and prepay for the Grace International T-Shirts. 

Please let us know your size in advance.  The easily recognized Grace Logo lets everyone at the airport know that you are a volunteer member of the mission/work team and a pioneer with Grace for a New Haiti, which might help expedite your airport exit!


5.  It is sometimes difficult for all our teams to arrive on the same flight because they start in different places around the country. How do pick-ups work at the Haiti airport? Is a three hour gap from earliest to latest arrival reasonable? Are separate pick-ups ever possible?

Our driver will wait for the next team if it is only a couple hours. If it takes more hours, our driver will go back to pick up team, but we prefer that teams arrive at the same time or as close in time as possible.  It takes between 1 and 3 hours to travel from the airport to Grace Village depending on traffic.


6. How will we get around throughout the week?

Grace International is not able to provide full transportation to all groups. We only provide transportation to and from the airport, one tour to the Boys Home, Widow's home, Grace Village Lambi Community, and church meetings on a free will offering basis. 

For all other tours, beach, sightseeing and other recreational trips, the visiting group needs to consider renting a vehicle for their transportation; car, van, bus or truck according to their specific needs.  Arrangements need to be made ahead of time with all major rent-A-car companies such as Avis, Budget and Hertz.  If you have difficulties confirming your Haiti rental reservation please contact us to help with getting the information needed.   Allow a couple weeks prior to arrival.


R&R (recreation and relaxation)


7. Will we have days off from the work projects? Are there any R&R opportunities?

Sunday is a non-working day.  If coordinated in advance, a group may want to set aside one day aside for R&R. 


8. Are there any churches we can attend on Sunday morning?

Certainly--Grace International has church services on each of its two campuses and other locations in the Carrefour area. Team members may be divided and sent to different churches.

 Lodging & Accommodation


9. Where will we be staying?  Does it have electricity, running water, bathroom facilities, and/or


You will be staying at Grace Village facility in Carrefour, Port-au-Prince.  Missionary/dormitory style is provided with men and women's dorms being separate. There is no A.C., or private rooms-- bathrooms are shared and showers have cold running water. Fans are provided when electric power is on.  Wireless internet access is available most of the time in the building which can be accessed from your personal laptop or device.  Free telephone service is also available to call United States, Canada and many different countries in the World.


10. How are water, meals and all food handled?

A trained, local cooking staff prepares the food.  Purified (Culligan) water is provided at all times.


11. Do we need to bring toiletries, bed linens, towels, blankets, etc? 

Yes, each group member should bring their own toiletries. Bed linens and some towels are provided. Additional sheets, towels, blankets, as well as kitchen items will be a blessing to the ministry and other guests, if you desire to donate them after your visit.


12. Are mosquito nets needed and if so are they provided?

Grace International does not provide nets, but teams are encouraged and are welcome to bring their own. Mosquito and fly spray is encouraged and works well.


13. Do you have any special packing recommendations?

Sunscreen, mosquito and bug spray, flashlights with batteries, comfortable shoes, water bottles, hand sanitizer, personal toiletry and towels.


14. Will we be able to do any laundry while we're there? If so, what's the cost?

Yes, a local staff member will be available to do the laundry for a tip. Or, to get the full experience,  work team members may do their own laundry if they wish.





Please purpose to raise funds to cover these expenses. (ALL FUNDS LISTED ARE IN US DOLLARS)


Food and Lodging


15. How much should the team budget for each person to spend each day on lodging, food and

drink, including the cost of hiring cooks? 

The cost per person per day for food and lodging is US$35.  This includes 3 meals, Airport transportation; transportation for one tour to the Boys Home, Widows home, Grace Village Lambi Community, and on the site security guards. There is no fee requirement for the Team leader and his/her spouse when their group has more than 20 people.

If a person is not lodging at Grace Village, meals cost: Breakfast $8.00, lunch $10.00, Diner $12.00.

Generator fuel: $50.00 per day, per group to keep the power on; the city power is not always available.  


16. If the volunteers need to stay overnight in Port-au-Prince, how much should they budget for it?

A typical hotel room in Port-au-Prince or Petion-ville may range between US $70 - US$150 per night, meals not included.


Miscellaneous transportation

 17. Is there an expense to get between the airport and your site? How much?

There is no additional cost for transportation to and from airport when you stay at Grace Village with us. Airport transportation is included in the food and lodging cost of $35/ a day.  There is no fee requirement for the team leader and his/her spouse when their group has more than 20 people.


18. How much should the team budget for daily transportation expenses per person to the work sites?

If the project site is not at the Grace Village compound the group will need to rent a truck to carry the workers and materials. A truck rental costs $125.00 per day within the Port-au-prince areas, and $150-250 per day to go to mountainous countryside areas.  These prices include fuel and driver.


19. How much should they estimate for transportation expenses per person to RR tours?

15 passenger van rentals cost $200-250 per day. 25-35 passenger Bus rentals cost:  $250-300 per day.  These prices include fuel and driver.  


Security Questions


20. Will we be safe?



21. Are there any security issues we should know about?

Airport and Grace Village compound security services are included in the food and lodging

contribution per person per day. Security service for Sunday church meetings is on a free will offerings basis.


Number of mobile  Security guards needed when going out of Grace Village compound: 


1 armed and 2 unarmed guards for a group of 10-15 people;

2 armed and 3 unarmed guards for a group of 16-25 people;

3 armed and 6 unarmed guards for a group 26-40 people



Mobile unarmed guards: 

$15.00 per day per Guard. 

Mobile armed Security guards:

$30.00 per day per. This fee is based on daily charge only, not hourly.  The price remains the same for one hour or a day of 8 hour.


22. Will we have a chaperone or an interpreter?

Interpreters are available:

3-5 Interpreters needed per group of 15-20. 

5-8 Interpreters needed per group of 21-35 visitors.

Cost for Interpreters:

$15.00 per day per interpreter.  This fee is based on daily charge only, not hourly.  Interpreter's service for Sunday church meetings is on a free will offering basis.


Miscellaneous costs: 

Laundry tips, medicine, shopping transportation, church offerings and other free will offerings.



Special arrangements are needed for tours outside of Grace Village. Please make arrangements a few weeks in advance before arriving in Haiti.


Transferring Funds to Grace International

23. When and how do I send funds to pay for the above services?                                                  

All funds must be transferred or deposited to Grace International Bank of America account a minimum of 10 days prior to date of the work team or individual's arrival to Grace Village for the selected services.  Please coordinate with Grace's US office to obtain deposit information please call 305-231-1117 or  Email to:


Grace International is accredited by the national financial accountability organization, ECFA (  This means that we are held accountable for things such as board governance, financial transparency, integrity in fundraising, and proper use of charity resources.


24. What can I bring as an extra blessing to the Ministry? 

Many Team leaders and members often ask what they can bring in their suitcases for the ministry or the children.   The following list will indicate some of the items needed for our ministry:

o   39 gallon contractor strength clean-up (trash) bags.

o   Twin sheet sets, including pillow cases.

o   Bath towels and wash clothes.

o   Hand soap and shampoo,

o   Toothpaste and toothbrush.

o   Heavy rope and curtains.

o   Rain coats and umbrellas.

o   Cups as well as drinking glasses,

o   Sip it's, and plastic utensils.

o   Mosquito and bug spray.

o   Tools such as screw drivers and pliers, drills, hammers.

o   Flash lights, AA, AAA and D size batteries as well as C size batteries for Megaphones.

o   Children's shoes and socks, Children's clothes,

o   Children's vitamins (please check the dates, we cannot accept date expired vitamins and medications), diapers, disposable baby bottles

o   Candies, peanut butter and jelly, raisins, nuts, healthy snacks.

o   Paint brushes and rollers.

o   Note pads, HP Ink cartridges (#60 black & color, 74 & 75), pens and pencils,

o   Church microphones.

o   Megaphones

o   Men's neckties

o   French Bibles, English Bibles, Creole Bibles.

o   Children's DVD's and books, preferred in French.

o   Keyboard for our church and orphanages

o   Laptops or desk top computers, printers, print cartridges.

o   Old cell phones that can hold a sim card.

o   Bicycle pumps.




25. What are the projects your ministry needs the groups to do?

The following list will indicate some of the projects needed for our ministry:



"The Lord's Kitchen" Feeding Program:  

Team members join hands with local workers to cook and distribute food to hundreds of children 5 days per week.  This project provides a wonderful ministry opportunity for your church or group to spiritually and physically bless the beautiful children of Haiti.  Cost to feed each person: 0.70 this includes cooking gas, food transportation and compensation for cooks. 

o   Constructing Church and school roofs (12 projects need to be done).

o   Constructing Shelves for food supply, office space and other facilities.

o   Food storage building at Grace Village. Cost: $4,500.00

o   Building a hangar for the Lord's Kitchen feeding program.

o   Building a teaching space at Grace Village Lamentin.

o   Building school benches and church pews.

o   Building of homes for the earthquake displaced people at Grace Village at new locations.

o   Repair and painting projects at the Boys home, Girls Home, School and church buildings.

o   Mounting doors and windows.

o   Laying floor tiles.

o   Building and supporting new churches and schools.

o   Water wells ministry.



o   Ministry to children, VBS and children Crusades, "Happy Birthday Jesus" our yearly children Christmas festivals for 10-20 thousands of children; children church ministries.   


o   Pastors and leadership seminars.

o   Teachers seminars.

o   English classes, music classes, computer classes, video and picture classes.

o   Fine arts classes.

o   Business and blue collar trades classes.

o   University teaching opportunities.

o   Youth ministries.

o   Elderly widow's ministry.

o   Many other work opportunities are available.   



26. What type of work can we expect to do? 


Construction of homes: General labor work, concrete, carpentry, masonry, cleaning, etc. 


27. Are there any tools we should bring?


Personal tools that can easily fit in a carry-on or checked through luggage would be helpful.


28. Who are the families we're building with? Generally speaking, how were they impacted by the quake?


The initial families will be the ones who do not have any homes, their homes destroyed during the earthquake and who qualify to be part of the Grace/Fuller Center Program or any of our different shelter programs.


29- Will the homes we're building earthquake resistant?

Yes.  All the homes we build in Grace Village communities for earthquake displaced people are hurricane and earthquake resistant.


Project Costs:

30. How much should my group raise for the projects we plan to do?

We encourage the visiting groups to try to raise from $1,500 to $15,000.00, from small to medium

and bigger sized projects. When you pick your project from the project list, we can get specific prices to send to you a few months before travel.


GFH(Grace-Fuller Housing) Questions:


31. What's the minimum work team size? Maximum?

We would prefer a minimum of 12 members and a maximum 50.

32. How often could you take teams? Any exceptions we should know about in advance?

A group per week works well.  We are able to handle 2 to 3 groups at a time however this depends on the size of the groups.


Dress Code

Our clothing guidelines are there to ensure maximum sensitivity to the people and culture that we serve, removing any unnecessary hindrances to connecting with the people Haiti with utmost respect. 

33. What is the dress code for Men?

At church services men are expected to wear dress pants, and they often wear a necktie, especially if they are going to be on the platform to speak.  Men do not wear hats and shorts in church. Men never wear dresses in Haiti.  Conservative men do not wear earrings in Haiti, and especially in church meetings. Rastafarian hairstyles are not encouraged in church services and will not be allowed on the pulpit (this has many more cultural implications in Haiti than it does in the US).  We promote a smoke free environment and all alcoholic drinks are discouraged.


34. What is the dress code for women?

Women are expected to wear a skirt or dress at all times.  They do not wear pants, shorts, low cuts and any exotic wear whether in church, at work/mission sites, schools and on the orphanage grounds.  Pants are allowed only for traveling and working in construction. It is recommended that ladies wear a head covering in church services.  Please leave all jewelry at home (this includes all visible body piercings) except for wedding rings or watches--exposing jewelry can invite robbers. Because of Haiti's strong culture of Mardi Gras and superstition, clown/painted faces and/or costumes and are not allowed among Christians and conservative groups.


General Questions :


35. What is a typical daily schedule?

Devotions 6:00 am; Breakfast 7:00am; Work 8:30 - 12:00; lunch 12:30- 1:30; Work 2:00- 4:30pm; Dinner 6:00pm; Debriefing 7:00; Bedtime 9:30 pm


36. Who is the in-country emergency contact and what is their phone number? (This one won't be shown publicly.)

Michael Jeune (011-509)-34034732.  Matulde Pierre: (011-509)-3464-1552, (011-509)- 3449-3717 : Pastor Doris Jeune (011-509)-3657-1526: Grace-Haiti Office: 305-851-8285; 305-851-2237.


37. Can we bring any supplies, medicine, or toys with us? 




38. How much it cost to sponsor a child in your ministry?

Sponsoring an orphan girl or boy $20.00 each month helps to feed, clothe, and care for each child. Several sponsors are needed for each orphan in order to fully meet their needs.

Sponsoring a child to go to school whose family could not otherwise afford to send them, costs $250.00 per year.  Please ask for a full child sponsorship packet, call (305)231-1117 or email or request a sponsorship package when you arrive in Haiti.

Sponsoring helps many children in Grace Village to partake of the "Lord's Kitchen" Feeding Program. Even gifts of $20.00 monthly help to assure the continuation of this feeding program.


March 2011

Great staff and great team to work with you. I found what I was looking for working here in Haiti. May God find more people dedicated as this group. Love you all. C. WARREN ZIBELIN, NEBO, N.C

Tanks for such wonderful staff support. You all made working in the field so much easier with all our safety, lodging + food needs met. PATRICH DIDDS, Hirnville, Ca 93238


Thanks so much for the good food and loving attention. It's been an interesting experience being here in Haiti.  Keep up the good work.  METTI ANDREW


Thank you for your hospitality and for letting us come along side you.  NICK LUTZWEILLER



It's been a massive blessing to have been able to work alongside you this week. Your ministry is awesome and I will continue to pray for you all. Lashing forward to working lambi+ lafiteau in the next couple of work. It's been great to know you all.  CLARE TAYLOR,  Barrow ford, Nelson Lancashire

BBQ Gex, England


May the Lord bless U and keep you; this is a wonderful ministry. Thank you for sharing it and for the wonderful hospitality.  RICHARD ROGERS, Sahuarita, Az 85629

Thank you and all who work with you for keeping such good care of us here in Haiti. You made being away from our families a little easier.  JOE BOGGS

Blessing to the whole team of Grace Int. and thank you for your hospitality and making us feel welcomed. I appreciate what you are doing for your country and are all remarkable, keep up the faith.  BRAD HUBBARD 

.......    And hundreds more


Grace International gives a "short-term mission trip services/gift acknowledgment (receipt)" to all volunteers that participate in a mission work project or individually donate services at Grace Village.  If you would like to receive this acknowledgement (See Receipt  Below), please fill out and send us a copy of this application (next page).





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Total costs of your trip: $ ________.  Cash donation (if any) $________. Other ___________     


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