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Updates From Haiti

Post-Earthquake Resettlement

After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Grace International inherited the responsibility of managing a camp of 20,000 internally displaced people. Most of those people have since relocated from the camp. With your help, we have created a successful model for permanent housing for earthquake victims, and we are happy to say that we will be breaking ground on a new community soon.

Work Teams Make It Happen!

Every month, we receive several groups from North America and around the world who join us to work on service projects in Haiti. These projects include construction, agriculture, mobile medical clinics, teaching, etc. We welcome you to join us and experience the beauty and promise of building A New Haiti!

Thank You To All Our Partners

We would like to thank our many partners throughout the world who make it possible for us to do the work that we do every day. Through your collaboration and support, we are impacting the lives of hundreds of thousands of people by providing opportunity and empowerment. Thank you!

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Welcome!  Bienvenue!

We thank you for visiting our website.  We have tried to include as much information on here as you would need to keep you updated on the wonderful work that is getting done in Haiti.  Many thanks to those of you who are currently partnering with Grace International in building a New Haiti.  

We also thank those of you that may not be familiar with us yet for checking in on us, and we encourage you to contact us if you have any questions, suggestions, or even a need or request we can agree to pray with you about.  

We are excited about the work that we are doing, especially because we get to see it first-hand, as lives are empowered and changed on so many levels.  You are more than welcome to visit us anytime so you can see for yourself (click on 'Get Involved' for more information").

Again, we appreciate you, and we look forward to hearing from you!

God bless you,
Bishop Joel and Pastor Doris Jeune