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Girls Missionary Work June 2015

It is a blessing when our young people love God so much that they would give selflessly of their time to the less fortunate. We want to thank these young ladies for the time they spent with the children in the boys and girls homes, also for their participation to make a better Haiti. God Bless you.

Partner Updates May 2015

During the 43 years that Grace International has been in existence, the Lord has blessed us with incredible partners. We would like to share a few stories with you. Recently a set of 18 year old twins revisited their homeland. We are very grateful to Pastor Dave from Renewed Strength Church.

Pastor Luke Weaver & WorkTeam of Village Lighthouse Canada March and April 2015

When God steps in miracles happen. Thank you to Pastor Luke Weaver Jr. and your team. Grace International also sends a big thank you to Joshua for hisour awesome metal working machine and God given talents. God bless you all.

Treasures Christmas 2014

At the Christmas parties, each child receives a gift of their very own. In most cases, this will be the only gift that they will receive for Christmas for many of them, it may be the only thing they have to call their own. The gifts themselves are very simple, but the children really do treasure them. Each gift includes a small toy. For the girls it is a doll, and for the boys a car or a motorcycle, a balloon, a small package of cookies, a piece of candy, and a small story tract or a New Testament Bible.

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We thank you for visiting our website.  We have tried to include as much information on here as you would need to keep you updated on the wonderful work that is getting done in Haiti.  Many thanks to those of you who are currently partnering with Grace International in building a New Haiti.  

We also thank those of you that may not be familiar with us yet for checking in on us, and we encourage you to contact us if you have any questions, suggestions, or even a need or request we can agree to pray with you about.  

We are excited about the work that we are doing, especially because we get to see it first-hand, as lives are empowered and changed on so many levels.  You are more than welcome to visit us anytime so you can see for yourself (click on 'Get Involved' for more information").

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Bishop Joel and Pastor Doris Jeune